Greenhouse Essentials Kit/Exterior

We build it together

We handle the tricky parts and you do the rest

This greenhouse kit is our latest endeavor to help more people own a greenhouse. Look closely and you can find the landscape littered with failed greenhouse attempts.

Our greenhouse design is well thought out and proven through years of experience. Rather than trying to “recreate the wheel” simply purchase our handbook, use our design and some of our materials, and let us help construct the tricky parts. Once built you will still have plenty of opportunity to give your greenhouse your personal touches and minor modifications.

We have built many greenhouses and often while building the customer will remark that they had considered building it themselves, but after watching construction were quite glad they had not attempted it. Never has the opposite been the case. That said, the first part of the construction, creating the insulated concrete slab and framing the greenhouse are common skills for any builder and can lend itself to instructions. With a frame and door in place, (following our guidelines) we can complete the greenhouse in just a day or two, saving considerably on labor and materials.

This approach highlights our commitment to making a Vermont Victory Greenhouse feasible for those willing to either build all or part of it themselves with provided instruction details and essential materials (those materials specific for a greenhouse and less available locally). If you have a limited budget, but if you or your friends have some building experience the question often is do I try to build this myself or spend more money and have the professionals at Vermont Victory build it? The answer may lie somewhere in the middle and really strikes at the heart of our design and concept. Because our greenhouse is framed of wood with a concrete pad, this part of construction is common (with a few of our own ideas thrown in) and it really lends itself for the DIY in building the first stage of construction. Then let us come in and attach the glazing, vents, trim details and any systems you plan to use, thus saving you money but still getting a well thought out designed and constructed greenhouse.

We provide

  • Handbook
  • Design
  • Essential materials
  • Glazing
  • Vents
  • Trim details
  • Any systems needed

You provide

  • Insulated concrete slab
  • Frame
  • Door
  • Design modifications
  • Personal touches
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The greenhouse is absolutely incredible! Jonathan spent time with our staff a few days ago showing how it all works and describing possibilities of what we could do with it. We are marveling that we have such an amazing resource. It will get extensive use with all our students. In addition to being a phenomenal resource with all sorts of possibilities, it is quite beautiful."

Red Cedar School

Bristol, VT
This is the one I have been dreaming about since High School. Love the vents!

S Payne

Cornwall, VT
The Vermont Victory Greenhouse is local, durable, and exactly what we wanted.

M Goodwin

Shewsbury, VT