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Our most popular option for acquiring a greenhouse

Typically, we are contacted after someone has visited our website and/or done some research and initial planning. Often through an email, picture of site and phone conversation we can establish the feasibility of the project and general idea of the cost. With that information, if the customer wants to proceed we then may elect to do a site visit and either then or with follow up communications design the greenhouse project and submit a proposal. Occasionally, this process happens over just a month or so while other times it may be well over a year. We are happy to work with anyone considering a greenhouse and realize that this may be their dream of a lifetime and something that takes both time and money.

Once a contract is signed we jointly set a rough starting day. Actual days building often only require 6-8 days but can get stretched out some as weather permits. Visit our gallery to see some of our past projects.

Our approach

  • Project consultation
  • Rough cost estimate
  • Site visit
  • Greenhouse design
  • Project proposal
  • Contract approval
  • Greenhouse construction
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The greenhouse is absolutely incredible! Jonathan spent time with our staff a few days ago showing how it all works and describing possibilities of what we could do with it. We are marveling that we have such an amazing resource. It will get extensive use with all our students. In addition to being a phenomenal resource with all sorts of possibilities, it is quite beautiful."

Red Cedar School

Bristol, VT
This is the one I have been dreaming about since High School. Love the vents!

S Payne

Cornwall, VT
The Vermont Victory Greenhouse is local, durable, and exactly what we wanted.

M Goodwin

Shewsbury, VT