Vent with Opener


A set including one handmade vent and one vent opener.



Our vents are handmade at our shop and of the finest materials. We simply could not find a rugged, reliable and practical vent for our type of greenhouse and have spent the last 10 years improving our vents. The vents are 22 ¼ by 22 ¼ and designed to fit into a standard opening of 22 ½ by 22 ½. The frame is PVC, with colored metal trim, polycarbonate glazing and a stainless steel piano hinge. Our vents are designed to work with the wax cylinder automatic vent openers and are surface mounted over the polycarbonate. Our vents are designed to withstand tropical storms, snow loads and provide many years of trouble free service.

Our vent openers are designed to work without electricity. The opener has a metal cylinder containing a wax which expands when heated. This pushes a piston that opens the vent. As the temperature cools, the mineral shrinks and a spring closes the vent and resets the piston.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 26.25 × 26.25 × 8.75 in


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