The Emmy Ida


A highly functional greenhouse that is moveable and affordable, The Emmy Ida was created during the covid pandemic to meet our customer demand for a small greenhouse that encompasses the many design elements our larger greenhouses are known for, and at an affordable price.

The modular design allows us to build the greenhouse as four components and then we assemble the greenhouse upon arrival. This not only helps lower the cost, but allows for the greenhouse to easily be moved as necessary. Renting and/or planning to move in a few years? Now everyone can enjoy a year-round companion greenhouse.

Base price $5,100 plus trucking

Additional options 
Extra vent $400
water system $375
Thermo door $475



  • The base, not including the bump outs, is 5’x5’ and total height is 10’6”. The interior has 33.5 feet of shelving space. The bottom 3 shelves measure 28”x45” each and the top 3 shelves measure 24”x45” each.
  • The bottom is framed with pressure treated wood and covered with a plywood floor. The floor is insulated with rigid foam insulation.
  • The door is custom made using exterior wood and polycarbonate panels.
  • Ventilation includes 2 manually screened lower slide vents, plus lower and upper self- operating thermal vents. An additional upper vent is optional. At 10’6” and with upper and lower vents the greenhouse creates a natural air flow for additional air movement, we also offer an option of a 12” solar operated fan which can work in either direction.
  • Thru-wall garden hose and electrical attachments, allows for heating and watering convenience with options for our expanded battery operated low pressure drip watering system.
  • Like all our Vermont Victory Greenhouses, the Emmy Ida is wood framed and wrapped with 8ml double wall polycarbonate and trimmed with colored metal. This rugged design has proven to withstand high winds, snow loads and the many other extreme weather and climate conditions found in the Northeast.


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