Chicken Tractor

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Our chicken tractor is a simple attractive design that provides a healthy, practical and easy way to raise chickens.



The covered roof provides shade and protection from the weather. The nesting area provides easy access for egg collection and a light, tight enclosure. The attached wheels allow for ease of movement. There is enough room for 20 meat birds or 6 laying hens. The dimensions of the tractor are 4 ft x 12 ft. Contact us us to purchase and arrange local pickup.

1 review for Chicken Tractor

  1. Lisa Halpin

    I purchased this tractor last year so I could raise meat chickens. My husband and I rented a truck and drove about 5 hours to pick it up. It was well worth it! We have raised 45 Cornish cross so far this year and I have another 17 in the tractor right now. The tractor is well made, easy to maneuver around my yard, and I have not lost one chicken to a predator. The tractor is also aesthetically pleasing which is a bonus. I would highly recommend this product.

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