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I’ve found two books as helpful resources for growing, using and maintaining greenhouses:

The first is Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion, by Shane Smith. This well-written book gives good detail on the science of growing in your greenhouse, the best options to maintain it and important things to know before buying or building your own! If you’re wondering what you can or should grow, the right techniques for heating and watering or if owning a greenhouse is right for you, check out this book.

The second book is The Greenhouse Expert, by Dr. D. G. Hessayon. It is a shorter book with lots of information about owning and growing inside your greenhouse. It also advises on what type and size of greenhouse might be right for you. It talks about the British culture of greenhouse use and is gives detailed lists of numerous plants and the necessitates to care for them. I highly recommend this read before and after buying your greenhouse.

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