Three generations of greenhouse experience

Vermont Victory Greenhouses is a family owned business that is owned and operated by Jonathan & Kim Hescock. Jonathan comes from a third generation family with gardening and greenhouse experience. Joseph Sokol, Jonathan’s grandfather had one of the largest greenhouse complexes in Connecticut and it was exploring these many acres of glass paned greenhouses full of cut flowers and plants that instilled the joy of growing in him as a child. The treat when visiting his grandmother, who kept the business alive after his grandfather died, was being allowed to select one plant during each visit to take home. At home, Jonathan and each of his siblings had wonderful window greenhouses.

The joy found in his childhood in having your own private space to grow plants is the genesis for Vermont Victory Greenhouses. We at Vermont Victory Greenhouses prefer to call our greenhouses companion greenhouses. That small intimate place to enjoy growing plants in. The greenhouse that can act as a friend, who is always there and can help you get through the long New England winters, while also being both practical and inspirational.