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A busy season at Vermont Victory with new innovations

As we finish our last greenhouse of the calendar year in Fairfax, its worth noting where some of our projects have led us in travel and innovations. We started off  the building season in Monkton, VT with an inground 14×30 greenhouse. This was our first greenhouse built into a hillside and with a roof truss system. We are excited to see how it performs. Early summer saw us returning to a repeat customer in NH, who is expanding their ability to grow their own food by adding an attached 14×30 structure. Along with our standard vents and circulation fans we installed ventilation fans and an air exchange system with the house.

A project in Essex, VT required lots of creative framing and flashing to redo an existing porch and tie it into a 12×16 greenhouse strategically placed to create a unique garden area. We are excited about this project as the customer has extensive experience with greenhouses and will really bring the greenhouse to life.

A project in Waterville, VT (who knows where Waterville is?) required replacing their old glass structure with a Vermont Victory Greenhouse. As a multipurpose greenhouse (including starting turkeys) they were looking for lots of ventilation and viewing options. Strategically placed windows and our first white trim make this a stunning yet versatile greenhouse. Now the word has gotten out that we can do white trim it seems popular, enhancing a beautiful structure on the shores of Lake Mascoma in New Hampshire and another on a mountaintop in Fairfax, VT.

Along with our interesting and challenging projects has been the many wonderful customers we have worked with. We  find it remarkable how diverse our customer base is and their  intended purpose for getting a greenhouse. But whether its to increase self-sufficiency, improve mental health, teach gardening, a starter house for production, weekend enjoyment  or growing turkeys, we all have a common love for growing and life.

Check out our project gallery and Happy Greenhousing !!!!


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