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2022 update

2021 was our busiest year yet for Vermont Victory Greenhouses and also our most interesting. Our customers diversity and locations have richly expanded. From urban homesteader in Winooski, Vt, and educational farm school in Reading,Vt to flower growers in Bangor, Me and retired gardeners on the shores of Lake Ontario. Our business has truly become a traveling construction company.

Interest in food security and quality of life has never been higher and the demand for greenhouses is growing rapidly. With that in mind we are making a few changes. With supply line challenges we are discontinuing selling most of our accessories and components  and concentrating on our design/build. We have also found that the “build it together” option we have offered works best for the further distanced projects that require overnight accommodations. For these projects the customer buys our handbook and with our guidance builds the floor/framing and install any doors or windows and then we finish the remaining glazing/flashing/vents and systems.

Thank you to our many customers who have sent us pictures of their greenhouses filled with plants. It is our ultimate goal and pleasure in seeing lives changed as they enjoy their greenhouses.

Some practical tips as spring is fast approaching.  Get those ant traps out ! I made the mistake of trying to combat aphids last year without first eliminating the ants. Ants colonize the aphids and will attack any biologicals you buy to deal with the aphids.  Make sure your vents are working. The wax cylinders will weaken over time especially if you let them freeze. You can order just the replacement tubes from ACF greenhouse supply.


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