Vermont Victory Greenhouses

Growing Vegetables & Plants Year-Round

First and foremost we find our greenhouses wonderfully therapeutic in providing an escape from our long Vermont winters and days of inclement weather. What a boost we have found it to be on a cold windy March day being able to retreat into a hot, sun filled, green environment to pick lettuce, read a book or transplant basil.

“When life is dark and cold, it’s amazing to be here.”

- A greenhouse owner

Picking fresh lettuce every day of the year.

Practical - Pick fresh lettuce every day! Our greenhouses can supply your needs year round. The use of a small heater allows you to pick fresh lettuce, radishes, spinach even in the coldest and darkest days of the year. Here at Vermont Victory Greenhouses we are continually discovering ways to utilize our greenhouse for our food supply and growing enjoyment.

A Year Of Growing:

  • Pansies, Petunias, Phlox year round
  • Eating Tomatoes until the holidays
  • Cucumbers by May
  • Basil & herbs most of the year

Grow in Vermont greenhouse all year long.

A "full" garden before gardening season even begins!

Grow in Vermont greenhouse all year long.

Greens inside in spite of snow outside.

Tomatoes in February.

Tomatoes in February.