Green Wishes Come True

The Red Cedar School in Bristol VT is now the proud new owners of this Vermont Victory Greenhouse, thanks to the wishes of one student. They will use this greenhouse for growing during the school year and throughout the summer, giving students a hands-on, up-close look at growing all year!  

Greenhouse Literature Resources

I’ve found two books as helpful resources for growing, using and maintaining greenhouses: The first is Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion, by Shane Smith.¬†This well-written book¬†gives good detail on the science of growing in your greenhouse, the best options to maintain it and important things to know before buying or building your own! If you’re wondering what […]

Air Exchange System

We finally have an efficient way to transfer air in our attached greenhouses. Using two inline ultra efficient fans and two thermostats we used the warmth from the adjoining interior living space to keep the greenhouse above 40 degrees and during periods of sunshine the greenhouse was able to heat the interior living space. After […]